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I just wanted to write in and add my thanks to those already posted. I started using Diet Organizer about a year ago and have so far lost a modest twenty pounds. The great thing is although I could have lost twenty pounds on any other diet, Diet Organizer helps me to learn how to eat to keep the weight off! My friends and family have all commented on my smaller size and healthier look. I couldn't be happier and recommend the program to anyone I hear talking about weight loss.
Thank you!

Just wanted to let you know this is the best application I've purchased since Quicken! I have a few friends, who after seeing the progress I am making with the aid of DietOrganizer are now wanting to dump the Adkins Diet and just start eating right! After a month on this program I realized that there is an objective way to lose weight without guessing if I'm doing the right thing. DietOrganizer also paid for itself the first month I've had it because I discovered that I was eating all the vitamins and minerals I needed and dumped my expensive multi-vitamins. Also being a diabetic, DietOrganizer was so effective in helping me manage my weight that my doctor took me off my medications for diabetes! Keep up the great work. As much as I believe in this program I should become a re-seller or something. Thanks again!


Your program is great. I tried BeNutriFit, Food& Exercise Diary, Performance Diet, Personal Trainer One and Weight By Date before finding yours. Yours has everything I was looking for. The month view showing calories per day/week, plus the ability to see carbohydrates per day/week. The most recent USDA data base. Great graphics, useful standard and custom charts, easy to copy selections from one date to another. You really have the best diet diary on the market. Thank you for such a useful easy to use program.

My wife and I love this program. I wrote to you before that I tried a number of other programs yours really is the easiest and best. I have lost 20 lbs already and this program really helps to keep you on track. Thank for your prompt response.

This program is exactly what I have wanted for a long time. I have the essense of my entire lifestyle in here, and I can see exactly when a small mistake in eating choice creates a big problem for my week - but it also allows me to see that I can make other changes to correct those mistakes.
I am very grateful for your program. It's affordable, simple, and easy to customize.
Thanks very much! Best of luck to you and your efforts! If there's any other feedback that might be useful, please let me know. I'm not very often this enthusiastic about a product and I want to do whatever I can to help this be successful!

I downloaded and started your weight management/fitness software on January 3. As of today, April 3, 2004, I have lost 20 pounds, and a total of 17 overall inches! I have met my healthy BMI goal and I feel fitter than EVER! I’am wearing a size 8 (I started at 12-14), which is a size I haven’t worn since high school…and I’am 52 years of age!! I really took the counting-calories and exercising-regularly commitment and it’s paid off in more compliments than I can count! I recommend your software to everybody I meet. I LOVE IT! THANKS!!!!

I’m impressed with the Diet Organizer. It looks simple enough, but has almost everything I need...


I love your Diet Organizer and plan to purchase. However I wanted to make a suggestion...


I've been trying your DietOrganizer for PC and absolutely love it.
I am going to purchase your DietOrganizer for PC, but before I complete the purchase, I had a quick question.
If I purchase the download only, would I be able to reinstall the software if I do a complete reinstall of my OS in the future? I've recently had to reinstall both of my OS and was unable to reinstall a software I had purchased by download only.

Overall, I like it a lot! I especially like the "auto-fill" and search capabilities, and how easy it is to add new items, or to combine several items into another. I also love how I can enter in sub portions, like "2 tbsp" of something, and the software will automatically deduce the correct values from a different portion size.

Just thought I’d let you know I’m still using your program, and with great results. Since I started on April 30, 2003 I’ve not missed recording a single day, meal or snack, and that’s only because your program has made it so simple and interesting to enter and monitor the data. I began using the program primarily to track my food intake and try to correct a lifetime of bad eating habits. So far it’s working. My high blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure are now all under control. In addition, I’ve lost 33lbs.
Thanks again for creating a great program!

I've purchased Diet Organizer, and am enjoying it. I send an email to my Dietitian weekly with my eating and exercise totals...


I have previous purchased Diet Organizer software and found it excellent....


I have been using your software on a trial basis for the last 4 days and I love it. It has all of the features I am looking for...


PS…But I LOVE DIETORGANIZER! I’ve told everyone - whoever asks how did I lose so much weight AND manage to keep it off - about your program!

First off I’d like to congratulate you on this excellent program. I’ve been using it for the past week and have reduced my cholesterol and sodium intake and raised my potassium intake by keeping close record on what I consume every day. Up until now my diet has been mostly guesswork. I have a doctor’s appointment for a physical in two weeks and will be able to print out a summary of each day’s nutritional intake for his use.

Thank you for the email and such excellent after sales service...
combined with such a fantastic product what else can I say but well done & thank you


I recently licensed your DietOrganizer product and I have to say I'm impressed. It took almost no time to get rolling and I've found that it useful already. As a programmer I can say that I'm impressed with the high quality of the design and implementation you've achieved especially for an inexpensive product.


I've looked at half a dozen packages and think DietOrganizer is the best of the bunch.

I really like the program that you have made and use it daily.
I think what you have is well worth the price and am happy with what I got for my money.

I used DietOrganizer to successfully lose more than 30 lbs! To say I am impressed would be an understatement!
Are there any plans to add a Palm or other PDA module to DietOrganizer to simplify tracking of food intake while out and about? Just a thought – it’s easier to hot sync a PDA at the end of the day than to decipher notes on napkins.
Again, thank you for a SUPERIOR product!

I've been using the DietOrganizer for almost a month now and really like it! It is very detailed and very helpful for keeping track of everything.
Thank you for creating a program of this nature. It is really helpful to be able to track daily eating and exercise activities and then run reports on that information for later use and review. Nice Job!

Thanks, it’s REALLY been helping me realize how much fat and calories that I’ve been eating. I’ll show it to my Doctor next week.

I recently purchased your Diet Organizer Software and would like to compliment you on an excellent product.
As I am now past 50 and have started to develop high blood pressure, I expect I will need to monitor my food and exercise for the rest of my life. I have chosen your program to help me with that goal.

Your program is outstanding. I have enrolled in the LOOK AHEAD Research Program (designed for people with Diabetes) with the University of Washington. Using your Program has made it fun to do the booking.

In the initial viewing of your software, I purchased it within about 10 minutes. It won hands down.
These are just suggestions that would make my life a little easier, specially with the amount of foods I have to add that seem to be a little "quaint" to the Australian way of life.
This by no means takes away from the ease of use and incredible functionality of the software.

First off, Thank you for a very good product (especially at a 1.x level). This is very much worth the money paid.
Secondly, I'd like to suggest a couple of enhancements to your product.
Once again, thanks for your product. I'm using it daily. If you ever need a beta tester I'd be happy to help out.

I like this software. A lot. It has all the features I want and need. If I can get it to speak "Canadian" (smiles) I will be sold (as will as many people as I can introduce to it).
Thanks SO much for the speedy reply!

This program has really worked for me. Because of the ease in tracking and entering food intake, it’s kept me honest and faithful in using it after every snack or meal. The on-going sub totals help me plan my next meal and reduce my overeating. Since downloading the program 7 weeks ago, I’ve lost 21 lbs. Because of the program simplicity, the self-created Favorite Food List and the Food Quantity Selector, it’s made tracking and monitoring very simple and interesting. This is the longest I’ve ever gone in tracking and counting daily food intake. NICE WORK.
Thanks again for your assistance in finding and correcting the problem.

I have been using your program for a couple of weeks and am very happy with it. For myself it makes dieting easier since I can see how I am doing day by day. If you are going to do a new version in the future I would like to suggest a couple of new features...

I have another quick suggestion for the next version.
It would be nice to be able to overwrite the calorie calculation in the exercise records. My exercise bike provides a calorie count, based on its variable resistance program.
It might also be nice to be able to edit the nutritional info for a specific record in the food log. I don't necessarily want to have to add a new food just because I got another brand with slightly different nutrition.
I hope this goes through. I am an even bigger fan now than before. I actually purchased one of your competitors, hoping to get a workable Palm/Windows solution. After trying to work with it for about an hour, I developed a greater appreciation for Diet Organizer than ever.
Please do keep working on it. It is already so good, and I can see only the couple of ways I've mentioned in which it can be improved. I know it's hard updating software.

I plan to register my copy this week. I've been testing it side-by-side with DietPower, and you have a far superior product.
One thing I would like to see in the next version is the addition of "cholesterol" to the measurements section.
Thanks for making a wonderful health management tool!

Also, I really like the program. For years, whenever I diet, I’d keep track of all food intake, carbs, fat, etc manually. This program really saves time, keeps me honest and motivated. It’s so simple to enter all the data and then graph it. I keep it loaded all day and as soon as I eat something, just pull up the screen and enter the info. Nice work!