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Enter your daily food intake.

The Food View is an editable spreadsheet showing a days food intake subtotaled by meal.

Move around the spreadsheet using the arrow keys, insert, delete, cut, copy, paste and move lines as needed.

To edit the current cell press Enter, or simply start typing to replace its contents.

Customize the colors and columns shown in the Options dialog.

Food View Help Text

Enter your daily exercise.

See your last 14 days exercise in the Quick Summary Panel.

Exercise View Help text

Record your weight and body measurements.

See your measurement history for the last 60 days in the Quick Summary panel.

Measurement View Help Text

Keep a daily journal and leave yourself notes for the future.


Journal View Help Text


Chart your progress and spot trends in your data.

There are 5 predefined charts and a user defined chart.

Chart View Help Text

Configure, preview and print reports.


Report View Help Text