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Measurement View

Use the Measurement View to record your weight and body measurements

Toolbar button
Edit the currently selected cell
Arrow keys
Move around the spreadsheet (use with Shift to multi-select lines)
Ctrl Z
Undo the last editing action
Ctrl Y
Redo the last undo
Hide/Show the Quick Summary panel
Delete the selected measurment value
Esc (Escape)   Cancel editing and revert to previous value

The Measurement View is an editable spreadsheet where you can log your weight, body measurements and other data.

Move around the spreadsheet using the arrow keys.

To edit the current cell press Enter, or simply start typing to replace its contents. You can also start editing by double clicking on a specific cell.


  1. Only the Value cells are editable.
  2. The previous value and difference are shown in the units previously entered or converted to match the units you have entered for the new value.
  3. The spreadsheet colors can be customized in the Options Dialog ( toolbar button).
  4. The weight measurement is used when calculating exercise calories. Changing a weight value after entering exercise details will result in the exercise calories being recalculated.
  5. Metabolic Rate and Body Fat% can be recorded here if known otherwise you can use the 'Estimate' buttons. The estimates are based on the well known Harris-Benedict and YMCA equations. These estimates should only be used for persons over 18 and for women who are not pregnant or lactating.
  6. Additional 'Measurement' types (e.g. Cholesterol level) can be created in the Options dialog

Quick Summary

The Quick Summary shows a chart of the currently selected measurement over the last 60 days.


  1. Move the mouse pointer over points on the chart to show their values as tooltips