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Getting Started with DietOrganizer

Entering your daily food intake

Click the icon to show the food view:

Click the position within the table where you wish to insert the food (e.g. the 'Breakfast' line), start typing the name of a food (e.g. 'orange juice'), as you type the program searches the food database for possible matches and displays them in a dropdown list:

Continue to type (to narrow the search) until the dropdown list shows the food you are looking for.

Select the required food from the list using the up/down arrow keys and press Enter.

Use the Tab key to move to the Quantity field, press Enter to start editing, a dropdown list of possible units is displayed:

Type the value (e.g. 2.5) and select the required units (e.g. oz), press Tab to go to the next line ready to log another food.

Continue to enter further foods/quantities in this way by moving around the spreadsheet using the arrow/tab keys.

(Note: If you select a header/total line in the table and start to type a new foodline is automatically inserted, so to add a line to the 'Snacks' section you can select the Snacks header line and start typing the food name)

To delete a line press the 'Delete' key, to insert a line press the 'Insert' key.

If you make a mistake you can Undo/Redo the changes by pressing the buttons.

If the food you are looking for is not in the database you can either manually enter the nutrients on the spreadsheet by selecting '---Quick Entry---' from the dropdown or select the '---New Food---' option to create a new food entry in the Food database:

In this dialog you only need to enter the information you are interested in, if you are simply counting calories, then only enter a quantity for calories.

The advantage of creating a food entry in the database is that every time you log this food in the future the nutrients will be automatically calculated for you.

Click here for more information about entering information on the Food View.