Routine Dialog

Use the Routine dialog to enter and maintain a list of exercises to be used as a routine.

The routine dialog can be invoked in several ways:

  1. By selecting exercise lines from the Exercise View and using the right click menu option 'Make Routine from selected..."
  2. By right clicking on a routine in the Exercise Finder panel (Routines Tab) and selecting the menu option 'Edit Routine..."
  3. By selecting a routine in the Routines dialog (Menu option Exercise>Routines...) and pressing the Edit... button.

Keys available while editing:

Key Action
Enter Edit the currently selected cell
Arrow keys Move around the spreadsheet (use with Shift to multi-select lines)
Ctrl X Cut the currently selected line(s) to the clipboard
Ctrl C Copy the currently selected line(s) to the clipboard
Ctrl V Paste lines from the clipboard to the current position
Insert Insert a new line at the current position
Delete Delete the selected line(s), deleting all lines will re-enable editing of the nutrient values on the first tab.
Ctrl Up Move the selected line(s) up
Ctrl Down Move the selected line(s) down
Esc (Escape) Cancel editing and revert to previous value (only valid while editing a cell)

The spreadsheet entry acts in the same way as on the Exercise View (except that you cannot undo/redo).

You can copy exercise lines from the main view using standard cut/copy/paste.

You can create a new Routine directly from the main exercise view by selecting the required lines, right clicking to show the context menu and selecting 'Make Routine from selected'.

The columns shown in this dialog are the same as those on the Exercise View.