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Exercise Dialog

Use the Exercise Dialog to enter and maintain exercise definitions.

The exercise dialog can be invoked in several ways:

  1. By pressing the button on the toolbar.
  2. Using the menu options Exercise/New or Exercise/Edit.
  3. Right clicking on an exercise in either the exercise finder or the main Exercise View and selecting 'Edit Exercise'

Each exercise must have a unique name and specify values for calories burned, minutes and body weight.

The dialog has two tab pages:

Basic Page

You must enter values for all three fields on this page, since all are needed to calculate calories burned for a given duration and body weight.

Information Page

This page shows the source of the exercise definition and its original name (if you have changed the name).



  1. The value for calories burned should be the extra calories due to exercise i.e. it should not include calories burned by simply resting for the same period.
  2. You can only Delete exercises that have been user entered.