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Chart View

Use this view to chart your progress and spot trends in your data.

Toolbar button
Hide/Show the Chart List panel
Hide/Show the Chart Options panel

Select the required chart from the Chart List, customize using the Chart Options and refresh the display using the Refresh Chart button.

Create new charts from the templates, using the New button. Each chart can be customized using the Chart Options panel, be sure to press the Refresh button to save the changes and update the chart display.

Use the Chart menu options to print the chart, export to .gif image or export to .csv file for use in another application (e.g. Excel spreadsheet).


  1. Different charts have different options. Most allow you to change the date range and summarize daily, weekly or monthly.
  2. After changing the Chart Options you must press 'Refresh' to update the display and save the changes.
  3. Use the toolbar buttons to Hide/Show the Chart List and Chart Options panels.
  4. Move the mouse pointer over the chart points/bars to display their values.


Available Charts:

See trends in your Food, Exercise and Net Calories
Monitor weight loss progress against your diet plan.
See which meals contribute most of your calories.
Keep track of your Fat/Carb/Protein breakdown
See where your calories come from in terms of food group
Define your own charts. Choose any combination of nutrient, exercise and measurement values to chart.


Common Chart Options:

Some of the charts allow you to choose a date range and summary type using the following fields:

The 'Dates' field is a dropdown list of possible date ranges.

The special case 'Select Date' allows you to select a single date using the 'From:' calendar field.

The special case 'Select Range' allows you to select a date range using the 'From' and 'To' calendar fields.

The 'Summarize' field allows you to select between a daily, weekly or monthly summary.

When you choose a weekly or monthly summary the actual date range used will be extended to include a whole number of weeks or months.