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Calendar View

The Calendar view shows a monthly summary of your diet.

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Change the selected date
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Prints the calendar

Navigation Bar Buttons:

Information Shown:

Each day shows a set of icons () indicating the data that has been entered. The icons correspond to the View icons shown in the Shortcut bar.

Clicking on one of these icons will take you directly to the relevant view for the selected date.

The other information displayed in each date cell is user configurable via the options button .

For Example: this date cell shows the total food calories (946) , the Net (Remaining) calories (291) and the fact that both food and exercise were entered.

Where goal values are defined (in the User dialog) items between 100% and 110% of the goal value are shown in Orange and above 110% in Red.

Down the right-hand side of the calendar are shown weekly summaries which can again be customized to show the data you are interested in.

For Example: this cell shows that for the 21st the total food calories (1299) were slightly over the goal calories (ie in the range 100% to 110% of the goal)

To customize the information shown press the options button to display the Options Dialog:

Tick the items you wish to display and press OK.


You can also customize the background colors of the calendar in the options dialog: