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DietOrganizer is a fast, easy-to-use calorie counter and diet diary. Whether you want to lose weight by calorie counting or optimize your diet and fitness routine DietOrganizer can help!

Count calories, record exercise, track body measurements and keep a daily journal. Use as a simple calorie counter or as a complete nutritional analysis tool.

Use with any weight loss plan to accurately track and record your diet and exercise. Just enter the foods you eat each day and let our diet software do all the calculations for you.

Instant summaries allow you to manage and plan your calorie intake to achieve weight loss. With user defined charts and reports you can monitor your progress.

Entering food intake multiple times a day, for several weeks or months, can quickly become tedious, that's why its important that the process be fast and easy-to-use, DietOrganizer uses a familiar windows spreadsheet style interface with full cut/copy/paste, undo/redo, direct-cell-entry and search-as-you-type to make logging as fast and painless as possible.

Why use a software package to record your diet ?

  • Count more than just calories -
    By recording your food intake you're counting Calories, Fat, Carbohydrate, Protein, Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Faster than manually looking up each food -
    DietOrganizer comes with a database of over 7,000 foods with multiple portion sizes and super-fast food selection.
  • More accurate -
    DietOrganizer does the calculations for you.
  • Check you're getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Know at a glance how many calories you have left each day.
  • Build a history of what you eat, that you or your health professional can analyse.
  • Include exercise in your daily calorie equation.
  • Track body measurements, see your progress graphically.

DietOrganizer Features:

  • Fast windows interface with full cut/copy/paste, undo/redo
  • Direct spreadsheet entry, no slow dialogs or internet pages
  • Smart search, searches as you type, shows the most likely items first.
  • Automatic food favorites, keeps track of the foods you eat for fast selection
  • Add new food definitions on the fly
  • Create new foods from lists of ingredients (e.g. Peanut butter sandwich)
  • Create menus (lists of foods, e.g. 'My Cereal Breakfast') for fast entry in a single operation
  • Keep your Calorie counter data private (on your own PC), password protect your data.
  • Tracks Calories and 31 Nutrients
  • USDA SR26 based food database, with multiple portion sizes
  • 200+ exercise database
  • Weight and body measurement tracking
  • Set nutritional goals
  • Powerful charting and reporting
  • Customizable food log, change nutrient columns, change colors...
  • Does not require internet access
  • Includes calculators for BMI, Body Fat% and Metabolic Rate
Food Log screenshot

Easy to use Food Log

The food log shows your daily food intake broken down and subtotaled by meal.

  • Simple direct spreadsheet entry
  • Searches as you type
  • Change nutrient columns shown
  • Cut, copy and paste multiple lines between days
  • Full undo and redo
  • Make new foods from marked lines
  • View daily calorie breakdown and carb-prot-fat percentages
  • Customize colors
Food Log search as you type screenshot

Fast Food Search

  • Super fast text search finds foods by multiple search words.
  • Searches as you type.
  • Automatic favorites for quick selection
  • Shows favorites at top of search list.
  • Can search by partial words:
Search for Enter
orange juice

or ju

cucumber cu
apple pie ap pi
peanut butter pea but

Create new foods and add them to the database on the fly by selecting the 'New Food' option

Chart view showing calorie breakdown screenshot

Powerful Charting

Create and customize charts to show the information you're interested in.

  • Predefined + user charts
  • Plot multiple values per chart
  • Set date range
  • Set daily, weekly or monthly summaries
  • Line and Bar charts
Report view showing daily food diary screenshot

Full Reporting

Customize and print reports.

  • Daily and summary reports
  • Set date range
  • Set options to customize reports
  • Daily, weekly or monthly summaries
  • Food usage and user added reports

User Comments

I just wanted to write in and add my thanks to those already posted. I started using Diet Organizer about a year ago and have so far lost a modest twenty pounds. The great thing is although I could have lost twenty pounds on any other diet, Diet Organizer helps me to learn how to eat to keep the weight off! My friends and family have all commented on my smaller size and healthier look. I couldn't be happier and recommend the program to anyone I hear talking about weight loss.
Thank you!

Just wanted to let you know this is the best application I've purchased since Quicken! I have a few friends, who after seeing the progress I am making with the aid of DietOrganizer are now wanting to dump the Atkins Diet and just start eating right! After a month on this program I realized that there is an objective way to lose weight without guessing if I'm doing the right thing. DietOrganizer also paid for itself the first month I've had it because I discovered that I was eating all the vitamins and minerals I needed and dumped my expensive multi-vitamins. Also being a diabetic, DietOrganizer was so effective in helping me manage my weight that my doctor took me off my medications for diabetes! Keep up the great work. As much as I believe in this program I should become a re-seller or something. Thanks again!

Your program is great. I tried BeNutriFit, Food& Exercise Diary, Performance Diet, Personal Trainer One and Weight By Date before finding yours. Yours has everything I was looking for. The month view showing calories per day/week, plus the ability to see carbohydrates per day/week. The most recent USDA data base. Great graphics, useful standard and custom charts, easy to copy selections from one date to another. You really have the best diet diary on the market. Thank you for such a useful easy to use program.

I started by looking for computerized calorie counters with additional nutritional info, such as protein, vitamin content, etc. I discovered something called DietOrganizer. It includes info from the Department of Agriculture database, with the ability to add foods. I can use it to track my measurements in addition to my weight. I can also log exercise, and it calculates the calorie usage, factoring in the fact that different weight bodies use different amounts of energy to do certain exercises. I have also set goals for daily intake of certain nutrients, such as protein, iron, vitamin B12, etc. ...I researched about ten programs before deciding on this one. The ease of use, ability to add foods, log exercise calorie usage, and general versatility I found to be superior.

My wife and I love this program. I wrote to you before that I tried a number of other programs yours really is the easiest and best. I have lost 20 lbs already and this program really helps to keep you on track. Thank for your prompt response.

This program is exactly what I have wanted for a long time. I have the essence of my entire lifestyle in here, and I can see exactly when a small mistake in eating choice creates a big problem for my week - but it also allows me to see that I can make other changes to correct those mistakes.
I am very grateful for your program. It's affordable, simple, and easy to customize.
Thanks very much! Best of luck to you and your efforts! If there's any other feedback that might be useful, please let me know. I'm not very often this enthusiastic about a product and I want to do whatever I can to help this be successful!

This program has really worked for me. Because of the ease in tracking and entering food intake, it’s kept me honest and faithful in using it after every snack or meal. The on-going sub totals help me plan my next meal and reduce my overeating. Since downloading the program 7 weeks ago, I’ve lost 21 lbs. Because of the program simplicity, the self-created Favorite Food List and the Food Quantity Selector, it’s made tracking and monitoring very simple and interesting. This is the longest I’ve ever gone in tracking and counting daily food intake. NICE WORK.

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